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deed duece.

maritime sports and afternoon lunches.
i hate when they don't call oh
wicked a bunches.

who's the evil bat lurking round the corner
a mister hen filled by a loner.

a girl looking for a place to hide so she hides with him only he doesn't want her.
come over here the girl from the corner screams.
but no answer.

i got nothin.


word! for the only persona that reads this.

so i went on a wonderful date with a boy, who i've bumped into several times, and, well, third times a charm. it was lovely. he has a child of 3.5 which i seem to find myself quite comfortable with. "sometimes it's hard" he said on the phone today. but i know. i was the child once. and for this role i have the bestest role model.

care to heed me any warnings child? (i fear they might be fruitful, not from thine but others)

don't tell the sparrows and hummingbirds that flock beside you.
i.e. those whom this story predates in truth.

why did i brush my teeth then drink the juice??

by the way, butoh is fucking awesome. maybe i do someday.
maybe something like it. maybe.
maybe yes.
uh maybe maybe baby tell me who's your girl (from japanese to classic motown in less then thirty seconds)

be zazzled


yo. i got a zazzle page up now. so you can buy my chit on shirts and stuffs. on to promotion. must to forge own way in this valley of consumerism. onward chariot onward.

where the hell is my horse???


i know, it looks like a derogatory term, and actually i noticed that as i was using shorthand for Wild Animal Park at the shop this morning where i was writing about my dreams. i've had some interesting ones lately. the most notable being saturday, a full moon night, when i dreamed that i was a hermaphrodite getting my male puberty. i'm a woman and i dreamed i had a penis and my ball sack and the lower half of my penis were turning blue and i was getting a hard on for the first time. i suppose up until then i had identified as a woman, so i called to my mom and asked her what i should do. my dad was out in the garden watering the flowers calling for us to come and help him outside. we said we were busy. my crying in my dream woke me up but i wasn't really crying.
if anyone reads this and has any insight, by all means.
i was talking to a girl at work about it and came up with it being a metaphor for my masculine energy gaining weight in my being.

the dream about the WAP is a little less interesting, but ya know adventure, siberian tigers, anamatronic beasts, safari rides.....

oh my god!

oh my gosh, i'm like totally in the live journal community now.

holla ya'll be gettin ready fo yo socks blown off i'm bout to drop da bom ya'll here.
but first i'm gonna go eat some cinnamon applesauce.


boba on halloween

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